Why You should avoid the Reopening of the Gym

We have all missed our local gym but there are too many valid reasons why we should avoid the gym reopening. For our fitness results but more importantly for our health. Not only our health but also the health of those around us. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid the gym reopening.

And invest in a Home Gym

avoid the gym reopening

COVID – 19

As you know the gyms are slowly reopening again. The question is, are they reopening for financial reasons or is it actually safe enough to open a public gym? Especially in the USA where the death toll of COVID – 19 has already surpassed 120.000 people. If this does not scare you enough to avoid the gym reopening then know a second COVID – 19 wave is coming. The gym is a high-risk area for COVID – 19 because of the number of bacteria people leave behind, COVID – 19 also sticks to metal for a long period of time. If you are convinced that you should invest in your home gym, check out this blog where we provide a full list of everything you need in your home gym here


We can all remember those annoying days where it’s just to busy in the gym and you can’t do your workout because the equipment is always occupied. A lot of people are waiting for the gym to reopen, this means that the gym is going to be crowded every single day. This could vary a lot depending on which gym you go to. Some gyms have a low maximum amount of people and some have a high maximum amount of people. Both have their downsides. With a low maximum, you cant train whenever you want. With a high maximum, you increase your chances of COVID – 19 and the gym is crowded most of the time. This is another clear reason why you should avoid the gym reopening. Having a home gym will solve all of these problems, here are 5 reasons why you should have a home gym.

Choose your own Gym time

Most gyms now work with reservations. You need to make a reservation beforehand for a time of your choice, if that hour is full you need to make a reservation for a different hour. This makes working out a lot harder for people that already struggle with going. It adds a new dimension to working out, making it harder than it should be. Having a Gym at home will allow you to work out whenever you want. multifunction fitness machine or a treadmill could bring you a long way.