5 Things you Must have for Your Home Gym

In order to have a good Home Gym, you are going to need the right equipment that allows you to do the training You want to do. That could vary between different types of exercise (Strength, Cardio, etc.) That means that there are no types of equipment that are better than others. If you enjoy working with a certain type of equipment then you should use that equipment. Consistency is more important in training than ‘’The best equipment’’. 

We at FitForPeople have provided a list that consists of equipment that almost every Home Gym should have. If you don’t like a certain product on this list, You don’t need to buy it in order to have a good gym. The list is based on your muscle groups. Every piece of equipment is a piece of the puzzle.

1. Cardio Equipment

It does not matter if you want to gain muscle and strength or if you simply want to lose weight and/or stay fit. Cardio is a very important aspect of training. Not only is it beneficial for your: Blood sugar, Blood pressure, Sleep, and heart, it also helps the body stay in a Healthy shape for a longer period of time. Aside from the health benefits, Your weight and fat percentage are constantly changing. If you want to gain control over your weight/Fat percentage, having some Cardio equipment at home is a very smart investment. Not only does it take very little time, but you can also do other things in the meantime (Watching a movie or maybe listen to an e-book)


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2. Multifunctional Fitness Machine

A Multifunctional Fitness Machine will have everything you need. The cable exercises make it possible to train every muscle group. Some also have a smith machine which allows you to do various exercises like benching and/or squatting. A Multifunctional Fitness Machine is actually the cheapest option for your Home Gym since it is space consuming and covers most of the equipment. Choose one wisely since it is a big investment in one equipment but a cheaper investment overall. 

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3. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a Great way to isolate your muscle groups. That basically means you can train your muscle groups individually which puts that muscle group to work more. Because it works harder, it rips faster. Which stimulates muscle growth. Dumbbells are also very easy to use since almost everyone that works out, knows various amounts of workouts that can be performed using dumbbells. If you have no experience then a simple Youtube tutorial can bring you extremely far. Dumbbells have endless amounts of workouts and are also able to target every single muscle group. Dumbbells are more raw equipment. 

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4. A Kettlebell

Most people who train with Dumbbells never use a kettlebell. Combining the two has some great benefits. Kettlebells train your body to be explosive. Having to jerk an object of the ground takes force. Using a kettlebell often can make you stronger. Getting a Kettlebell off the ground takes a strong grip, using a Kettlebell often will train your grip which also has a lot of benefits. Having more grip makes you able to put out more power. Which comes in handy with for example benching, deadlifting, etc. the explosiveness of the kettlebell workouts will also increase your cardio 


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5. Yoga mat

A Yoga matt is a great way to perform your ab exercises in your Home Gym without hurting yourself on the hard floor. we can’t forget that there is a huge audience out there that likes to train on their own bodyweight as well. The Yoga matt helps with absorbing the sweat, having a soft floor, and increasing grip in your exercise. Training on your own body weight is a great way to increase in strength since it is a lot easier to give yourself a routine.


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